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Hello Angelika, I want to thank you for all you do for us. Even for those who have not realized it yet. I met Angelika some years ago soon after her awakening. I was ripe for a shake-up and she turned out to be that imperative essence for showing me who I am and directed me to the words I needed, reminding me of what I already knew but had gotten hung-up in mirror world ideals and was ignoring. Over these past years we have both grown and have suffered our acquaintances with the compassion, understanding and love that we all deserve. Many have entered the fold, some still resist and we all learn to accept. In caring for the human frame, our temple, Angelika turned out to be an excellent Yoga instructor, having fun pushing us to our limits and beyond, and finding inspiring places to do it in. Angelika possesses a superior mind and has an incredible memory, she is well read in metaphysics and spirituality, and emanates exuberance for life. I consider her a very good friend. Thomas de Langre (2005)
Thomas Delangre <> (24.09.2013)

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