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About Angelika

I came first to Yelapa from Germany in 1994 and I fell in love with the place and the people. After my 'shift in consciousness' I like to call it - I decided to stay and moved into a beautiful palapa at the point with my cat (Baltazar) in April 2001.  
Casa del Cielo View from my rock 
Sunrise from my rock Casa del Cielo
I have no close-by neighbors except for the wellness Hotel Verana. My spiritual partner/husband has installed a solar system which is kind of a luxury for me not having had electricity before.  
Sometimes I stay even for the rainy season, other times I spend the season in Germany, Canada or the States. Life in Yelapa is very different from living in the city. We are one big family. You can make friends with people from all over the world and it is easy to just 'be' and not worry about time...  
After returning every 6 months for the winter I've met late Mr. Yves Dore (he sadly left his physical body on April 1, 2023 of the age of 88) in Yelapa. He introduced me to "the dot in the mirror" (see his website "dot in the mirror" which triggered my spiritual awakening on Christmas Eve 2000 when I covered up my mirrors in the house. (It took another 8 months until I've found someone with a video camera to do the "video with a difference" with). 
I lost my false identity! 
What a release that was! My whole life changed in an instant!  
All my life I had identified myself with that negative image in the mirror which caused me much suffering and emotional and physical pain. Before that day I have been a so-called normal German girl, very materialistic and non-spiritual.  
I didn't care about nature but more about my appearance, men, sex and money.  
I would like to thank Yves Dore for showing me my Real Self but he unfortunately left his physical body on April 1, 2023.  
Today I know that I am Love and there is no separation from anything or anyone. I know now that there is no 'other' just The One and YOU are That too!  
You might think, good for her but what about me? How can I come to that realization?  
Have you ever heard "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear?" Well, there is no teacher, I don't have to teach you anything. I just would like to show you what you already are, what you already know, deep inside.  
Don't believe anyone not even yourself, your mind when he/she/it wants to tell you he/she/it knows the secret of life, the truth. Don't even believe me. Look, listen, experience for yourself, then you will know.  
You can read about truth, listen to other people but you need to experience for yourself, then you will know, then you will remember who and what you really are! The "Video With a Difference" and the True Mirror will reveal to you what you were longing to know but could never see.  
Come to Yelapa, Mexico to my house Casa del Cielo at the point to experience your beautiful Self for yourself! Or order your own True Mirror through my Discount Page on the True Mirror website, saving $50! (see section: True Mirror).  
It has not been easy on the pathless path :-). A lot of my friends thought that I turned crazy, covering up my mirrors, talking about love and oneness, changing my life completely.  
All my memory came back. I felt I had been asleep for millions of years. I am still learning to be a spirit in a material world but my friends and family and everyone I come in contact with, have helped me to get grounded again. We still have the body, no? "Throw your wings away" Samarpan said to me in October 2002 in Köln, Germany. I did. It was not easy to come back 'to Earth', but I guess I (we) have to learn how it is to be God in a human body then we can help others (other parts of ourselves) to wake up to our divinity and limitlessness. "The Flowering Of Consciousness" has started Eckhart Tolle, and I will help other flowers through the Video and showing people the True Mirror to bloom... It is happening! Let us reach the critical mass.  
Yves has chanced Albert Einstein's formula.. Let's spiritualize matter!  
E = Lc2. 
What is Joy? 
Joy is the freedom of movement without interruption. 
Joy is the freedom of being without fear or guilt. 
Joy is the freedom of knowing that you create life on your own terms. 
Joy is the freedom of Self allowed. 
(Ramtha's School of Enlightenment:


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