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Looking forward to hosting you in our beautiful oceanfront Casa de Armonia (House of Harmony)built by my husband and our Mexican friends!  
And if you would like to build you own house: 
(View from property) 
(View from beach to property uphill left) 
Lease your own 'slice of paradise'! 
Beautiful property with part of the house foundation built right at the pacific ocean in small Mexican village 45 minutes boat ride from Puerto Vallarta for rent!
The property is available because my Canadian girl friend unfortunately is financially not able to finish the house she started to build located right above my house (Casa del Cielo) at the point in Yelapa.  
Yelapa has several beaches, a lagoon, river (El Tuito) and waterfalls, one of them right in the village (Pueblo).  
Because we don't have cars here nature, animal and plant life are exceptional, as are the spiritual energies one can feel! Ideal for meditation! 
A true 'get-away' from the hectic city life. 
We have electricity only since 2001. I myself have solar energy at my house which is right below of the property for rent.  
Most of the 'casas' here are built with materials right out of the jungle, like wood and palapa (palm roofs).  
The lease contract can be agreed upon for 10 to 15 years.  
The Lease is only US$2400 per year! 
And where can you still find such a beautiful location and view right by the ocean for just US$ 200/month! With discounted lease agreement when you built your house! 
The building costs to finish the house depends on your design (what kind of roof i. E.) 
I'd love to show you some friends houses here for your inspiration. Round trip flights i. E. from Frankfurt, Germany or Amsterdam are around 900 Euros depending on the length of stay and time of the year.  
You can find more information and photos on the main Yelapa website of my Canadian friend 'Yelapa Dave'. Look under 'Accommodations' > 'The Point' > 'Verana'. The property is a little bit further than the Spa Resort Verana no. 46 on the map and has almost the same view as Verana which by the way is the only neighbor! 
My German website section 'ZU VERMIETEN': 


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