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In the last years I have given private Video feedback Consultations in Yelapa, Mexico, Canada and Germany.  
For the Self Realization Retreats I have to change the procedure a little bit because we are in a group. So, we will have a separate closed-in room at the Retreat Center for the private time with yourself, the video camera and the TV. 
It is of course up to you to share your insights and realizations with the group, if you desire. I know out of experience, that you will need some time for reflection afterward and Los Naranjos offers the perfect environment for that. 
But we also draw inspiration from other retreatants. When we are uncertain about ourselves their presence can help. And in addition, as the Retreat progresses and we drop our masks and become more open, we are able to see a true beauty, majesty, and power in them, qualities we would not see in other circumstances. This can contribute greatly to the Retreat, as well as to your life beyond the Retreat...  
Also, during the Retreat on the 2. day a group video will be taken while people do their video which will be shown on the 6. day in the evening after dinner. You will get 2 CD's at the end of the Retreat. As I have to emphasize again, I recommend not to show the video CD with your time alone to anyone! It is for you only!  
My personal spiritual awakening took place on December 24, 2000 in Yelapa. Though today I know that no-one actually 'awakens' the illusory person cannot awake. It is more a shift of consciousness, a shift of perspective.  
Mr. Yves Doré introduced me to unique techniques which have helped me and hundreds of other people to change their lives... Unfortunately he left his physical body on April 1, 2023 and his website is no longer available. 
I would like to keep it kind of mysterious because I want you to experience 'the video with a difference' as Mr. Dore and I call it. All the explanations are only pointers like words which are just pointing to the Truth... 
I am happy to show you your "real Self"! 
"The mirror keeps the illusion of a separate self alive!"  
-Angelika Linke- 
By the way, my teaching goes conform with Eckhart Tolle teachings (THE POWER OF NOW, i. E. Chapter one: You are not your mind; STILLNESS SPEAKS, Chapter Three: The Egoic Self, Chapter Five: Who You Truly Are; and A NEW EARTH, Chapter Two: Ego: The Current State of Humanity, Chapter Three: The Core of Ego, Chapter Four: Role-Playing: The many Faces of the Ego) 


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