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Photo: Titelphoto of P.M. Magazin, November 2002, Germany: "Hat die Erde einen Doppelgänger?" Does the Earth have a double(gaenger)? New evidence speaks of the existence of a mirror world
To understand what I am actually talking about when I speak of 'The Mirror World, I will explain here what I mean with this so called 'Mirror World'. And anyway, how can you know what lies 'beyond' it, when you are not even aware that you are living 'in it'? 
Now, the mirror world is the world where people are identified with their mirror image. This image is reversed. You never see your face or body how other people see it, but 'the other way around'. This image, this picture of you doesn't even exist! Only you can see it! Except, if someone sees you accidentally in the mirror.  
And as you have noticed, there are millions of mirrors in the mirror world. In every bathroom, in almost every room of your house, in the car, whole fronts of houses/skyscrapers are mirror walls, and of course in all reflective surfaces, like store windows etc.. You cannot 'escape' your mirror image.  
Therefore all you life you are going around with a false image of yourself but other people see someone else and they react to the face you hardly ever see! 
To be identified with your non-existing mirror image means, that you cannot see that everything 'out here' in the so-called outer world is only a reflection of yourself!  
You cannot see the Oneness with everything and everyone, because you see yourself as a separate person, a separate human being. You identify with your body, your mind, your thoughts, your personal story.  
And because you are identified with 'it', your person, your story, your looks, you believe in a separate self. There is 'me', the person in the mirror, and there are the 'others'. You are in fear. You cannot see the Oneness with everything and everyone. If you are separate, what you gain, the world loses, what is has, you do not. To eat, to be safe, to succeed, to survive at all, it appears, you must be the victor over your surroundings. You blame, judge, criticize, attack the 'others'.  
Now, you are trying to influence your image 'in the mirror' (the outside world). You try to make it 'look better', to 'change' it. Then you start looking for love, happiness and wealth in the 'outside world'. Then, either a person has to give you love, or you look for love by the things you surround yourself with: money, possessions, achievements, abilities, friends, or beautiful bodies (your own and others’). 'They' have to give you what you think you don’t have.  
Have you noticed that it hasn't doesn't worked so far? Do you know anybody who has found happiness in a relationship? Or look at the so-called rich and famous people. Are they happy? It seems, but you know better. Most famous, rich people live on tranquilizers, are paranoid and live in fear. They can buy any experience but still there is something 'not quiet right'.  
Most humans, rich, famous or poor whom I call 'mirror world people' are cut off from their source, from their heart, their soul, their true Self.  
The mirror has hypnotized us! For thousands of years...  
Because, look, what happens, if you disidentify from your false, negative, reversed image/picture. When you don't use your energy anymore to change your mirror image. How can 'it' change? 'It' reflects only what you project into it! Your face cannot smile when you look grumpy into the mirror... You cannot look thinner when your body is fat.  
The change has to come from the Inside. Then, the mirror and the outside world will reflect what you are Inside!  
Unfortunately, your false image of yourself, your mirror image will 'sabotage' you at first. Because all you life you have identified with 'it' and 'it' needs your negative identification to survive! 'It' will try anything to hinder you to look inside or to be in the Presence. Of course, it is not the mirror which is trying to 'trick' you, but your mind! And then there are also 'the others' who are also identified with their mirror image. And then, they want to convince you, that it is all nonsense with this 'false' identification.  
Because they are also in fear. Fear of change, fear to get sick, fear of death, fear to die alone, fear of love! Fear of Unconditional Love.  
But they don't even know what that means. Because the so called society and our parents have taught us from birth on love with condition. "You have to be, do what we want, otherwise we don't love you". They don't say that out loud, but their behavior speaks for itself. Some parents even want their children to 'step into their footsteps', take over their company, or study what they studied, or become what they couldn't. You should live the life they never had... - The Mirror World - 
In it, it is only important, what you look like, what you wear, what great job you have, how much money or possessions you have. Winning and surviving is the name of the game here. The world of fear.  
I knew this world well. I lived 'in it' and had identified myself with this false image all my life up until December 2000, after Mr. Yves Doré explained to me "the white dot in the mirror" (see his website ).  
After the experience I covered up all the mirrors in my house and realized that I am not fear but love! That I was not that familiar unpleasant feeling in my solar plexus. It disappeared at once! I realized that the image in the mirror kept the illusion of a separate self alive!  
Now, I would love to remind you with the "video with a difference", "the white dot in the mirror" and the TRUE MIRROR® who and what you really are and I love to 'show' you how to 'get' (you actually can't get there, but only 'be' there!) to the other side into the World Of Love beyond the mirror!  
Timeless Love 
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