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I am very happy to give you some excerpts from the feedback of people who have done the "video with a difference" during the last years in Yelapa, Mexico and in Germany. 
So far over 50 people have experienced their "true identity" which has changed their lives for the better. They all had one comment in common which was: "I like her/him very much. Thank you, for giving me myself back!"  
I even had 2 girls 10 and 12 years young who loved it and said "I am beautiful".. 
Anyway, here are the comments: 
1. Potzz (age not disclosed, USA) 
She was one of my first 'participants' and like all the others that would follow, a great success: 
She said: "It is the intention! I 'saw' my soul and understood that the physical body is absolutely not important. And why younger men feel attracted to me. I also realized that we are all movie stars and that the image I had of myself, which I know so well from the mirror, is absolutely nonsense and that it doesn't exist... After 2 hours with Angelika and with 'me' I felt like born again!" 
2. Donald, 61, USA:  
Angelika wanted to meet me at 3 PM at Isabel's beach. At first I thought, when I looked at my watch and is was almost 4 PM: "These correct, punctual Germans, shit, I am leaving, if she is not coming.." And there was that donkey and I thought: "I hope he won't hit me when I go by him.." Of course he did! "Great, and now I have on top of all I have a broken knee!" All of a sudden I saw Angelika! and I found out that my watch was not working! It was exactly 3 PM. I told her that a donkey hit me and that I think I should not do the video, but she said: "Come, let's do it!" We went to her girl friends house because she had a TV and Angelika doesn't have electricity in her palapa house.  
Wow! I had all kinds of realizations. Who was this on the TV screen? I liked 'him'. At first Angelika wanted me to talk about my 'donkey experience' and she filmed my 'broken knee', which was not broken of course. I even danced on one of the chairs in the house and in the evening I felt so good I could dance in the Yacht-Club-disco. At first I thought that I have all kinds of problems, a young girl friend and my baby in Germany, in my age etc., but after the 2 hours and especially during the 10 minutes alone, I realized that there are no problems! 
I even ask Angelika after 3 weeks to do a refreshing video with me to see what has changed after the first one. She added it to my recorded tape and I was inspired! I was back in the state of love and I saw my life only positive! This feeling has remained with me ever since... 
3. Sally, 54, USA 
After I showed her the 'negative picture effect' which reverses black and white: "How do you make "THAT" look good?"  
4. Holly, 24, USA 
Thank you for giving me myself back! 
5. Bill, 80, USA 
I was afraid, that I might not like what I will see, but your are right! It was a lie told by my ego! Now I can throw away my glasses I was hiding my eyes behind so people can't see "me". I know now that I am love and I don't have to hide anything! Thank you!  
6. Romy, 45, Germany 
"She is very funny!" And "I saw who she really is"! (speaking of herself of course) 
7. Susan, 28, USA 
I must have looked like a moose before and I've already lost 30 pounds! But I like her anyway.. 
8. Charlie, 43, USA 
I saw that I am love and it is much easier to be who you are than who you are not! 
9. "Years of visits to Psychiatrists and thousands of dollars spent to repair the damage I suffered from being "Abandoned" at 2 years old and then raised by a BIG bully type could not do what Angelika did for me when I visited her in Yelapa in 2006 or so.The doctors understand what was going on with my mind, why feeling of love would come with Huge fallout from those early years.I went up the hill as one person and came down as another. 
I had self esteem.For the first time in my life I saw who I am..... and I liked him. Not handsome, nice haircut,tan. But my eyes, nice deep blue,...never saw that before! 
And so I gave myself some advice, just as I would my best friend, and I have being taking that advice ever since. Seems to be working fine. 
I will Buy the true mirror as a trophy for my "SELF for not being too afraid to GO UP THE HILL and give it a chance. 
All you have to do is buy a True Mirror. 
Love you. AA" 
Names, ages (as of 2006), Country of all participants: 
1. Potzz, unknown, USA 
2. Donald, 61, USA 
3. Wesley, 34, USA 
4. Susan, 28, USA 
5. Yvette, 79, USA 
6. Philippe, 53, USA 
7. Doris, 34, Germany 
8. Jarrett, 55, USA 
9. Andrew, 27, USA 
10. Sarah, 48, USA 
11. Jade, 32, Australia 
12. Bob, 55, USA 
13. Morgan, 60, USA 
14. Jerri, 44, USA 
15. Katherine, 45, Canada 
16. Bill, 80, USA 
17. Maria, 34, Germany 
18. Sylvia, 34, Germany 
19. Michael, 55, USA 
20. Yves, 70, Canada 
21. Adrian, 59, Canada 
22. Larry, 41, Chile 
23. Lauren, 53, USA 
24. Holly, 24, USA 
25. Molly, 62, USA 
26. Jeff, 38, USA 
27. Kelley, 45, Canada 
28. Dawn, 57, USA 
29. Chris, 55, USA 
30. Dawn, 44, Canada 
31. Alexis, 10, USA 
32. Samantha, 12, USA 
33. Don, 61, Canada 
34. Silke, 36, Germany 
35. Uwe, 38, Germany 
36. Romy, 45, Germany 
37. Fabian, 16, Germany 
38. Renate, 57, Germany 
39. Uda, 51, Germany 
40. Ute, 31, Germany 
41. Melanie, 20, Germany 
42. Elke, 50, Germany 
43. Estella, 57, Mexico 
44. Tina, 29, Germany 
45. James, 58, Canada 
46. Sally, 54, USA 
47. David, 52, USA 
48. Jonathan, 36, USA 
49. Charlie, 42, USA 
50. Aaron, 48, USA 
51. Sally, 42, USA 
52. Kristina, 58, Canada 
53. Leeann, 42, USA 
54. Elliot, 55, USA 
55. Leeanne, 41, USA 
56. Don, 41, USA 
57. Karyanne, 35, Canada 
58. Michael, 61, USA 
59. Bob, 55, USA 
60. Aaron, Canada 


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