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Before I'm sharing my "Thoughts" as I call this section I'd like to point out that thoughts as we know belonging to the human left brain hemisphere which 'thinks' in words, the human thinking mind. Mind and time belong together, so the thoughts I am sharing here are 'past time' thoughts.  
I like to quote Jeff Street from here: "All my articles (here words) are simply my perspective that I offer in the Spirit of discovery and empowerment. Take what resonates, and leave the rest."  
So, I would like to share my realizations with you I had when I was back in "mirror world" as I call it...  
I was asking myself:  
Why am I here?  
These answers came: First of all there is no mirror world, no separation of anything. This is the main illusion. The illusion of separation.  
And I had to learn to be here now. I had to see that I have to live the truth, not only pointing to it, talking, or writing about it.  
I realized that I am always 'here' only the scenery around me changes... Mexico, Germany or USA, I am still HERE. 
Of course, the truth can only be known in one's own direct experience without 'doing' anything or trying to describe it, to label it, to put it into words. Words themselves separate, thinking separates. There is an 'I' that is thinking, describing, wanting something from this moment, mostly wanting the moment different than it is, wanting to be somewhere different than here.  
How different here now is from what I always imagined it to be! All these thoughts, imaginations of this illusory person, this story of 'me' mostly about her imaginary, hopefully better future.  
I realize I cannot be anywhere than here now. How ordinary this moment is, and how extraordinary.  
Everything is here. It seems empty but it is full, complete, perfect at the same time ;-). This now contains everything!  
I realize, I cannot 'do' being, that Here Now is all there is, ever. And when I just allow this moment to be, whatever arises inside or outside, I rest in the truth of my being, just this, without any judgment or idea of what This is.  
And seeing that there is not even an inside or outside, no separation at all.  
That the identification with this body-mind-organism, with thoughts creates the suffering.  
I realized the ego, this mind-made sense of self, can never be here now. It is not its domain. The mind's world is the past and future, because it needs to 'think'. It needs an identification with something/someone to tell itself that it is real, in charge, in control.  
But then, I, my true Self, remembered that I am Love, unconditional Love and that there is not such a thing as 'my mind' or anything that could be called 'mine', or 'me'. That I cannot be separate from myself.  
I am that I am. That's all.  
I cannot not be.  
I can change forms as I wish endlessly but I cannot fail to be.  
What is non-duality? It is totality. 
It doesn't exclude anything, it includes everything and everyone because there is only being, not being this or that, or being someone, just Being, just Oneness.  
Some people think that Oneness is sameness, but if the core of one's being is realized, seen, experienced as Oneness as Love, one naturally can see the Self as Self, the individuality as a body, a person is allowed but not being identified with as Self, just an aspect of Self, a vehicle to be able to be in this world of form, which I create every moment anew.  
My true Self is formless and form at the same time. It is Myself that has divided Itself into infinite numbers of pieces, so that each piece of Me can look back onto Itself to behold the wonder of Who and What I Am. 
And what does all this has to do with the True Mirror? 
First of all the True Mirror is made of two illusion/reversed mirrors to create the true image of our human form. Didn't a Zen master once say, that without illusion no enlightenment? Well, here we use even two illusions :-). Can there be more than one illusion? Can there be more than one infinity? More than one universe?  
I've realized that by looking at your True Mirror image Consciousness becomes conscious of Itself. Remembers Its own play, Its own creation of the material world/universe. It remembers that It has created forms/matter to experience, to enjoy, to play with Itself in form as Infinite Love.  
I remembered that I as Consciousness had a concept of Love and a knowing but I wanted to experience Myself as the Love I Am.  
And I can experience Myself only when I have an embodiment and let Myself forget who I really Am.  
I created the illusion of Separation on purpose to experience Myself as human Being with all the illusory limitations that come with it, with all the experiences that come with it. I even created feelings!  
How wonderful this world of forms is, when we just allow ourselves to enjoy and play without any thoughts, judgments or ideas, without wanting anything to be different than it is.  
Just to be as we are. 
In Love and Oneness 


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