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I think the essential questions about  
'Who am I?' 
'Why am I here?' 
'What is the secret/purpose of our existence?'
have been asked as long as man/woman exist.  
So many ascended and living teachers of Truth have been pointing to the answers.  
The essential message of awakening to one's true Self, awakening from the dream of living in the illusion of separateness, living in the mind (past or future) or living "the Truth of Life" as Leonard Jacobson calls it, the Present Moment HERE NOW.  
For anyone who still might like some more pointers in form of words, here are some recommendations for reading, watching and listening to some Teachers of Truth, although you know that the teacher is WITHIN and we just have to look, listen and trust.  
But we - as you know - are in essence (the) ONE expressing and experiencing him/herself as individual human being.  
Did you know that all the genetic differences between humans are only 0.1 percent? So each individual has his/her own way of perceiving and experiencing the world and his/herself. So you will choose from the following recommendations the exact right one for you..  
Although - as Samarpan (now Soham) once said - "books are just feeding your mind", they can bring you to a certain point of stopping and after that you just are, just "be as you are"... (Ramana Maharshi) 
All the books I've read after my awakening were anyway only confirmations of what I had experienced in less than a second!  
All I needed to know, to see, to realize was summed up in one realization that explained the mystery of it all of (my) Self: 

I Am Love
That's all. Yes, ALL !! That is REAL ! Absolutely everything else is illusion! And even illusion is real ! What a great joke! Yes, illusion is illusion and cannot be real, but I Am ALL THAT IS and therefore there can be nothing that is not ;-)  
I realized the other day, that the True Mirror is made of 2 illusion mirrors. So I needed 2 illusions to see the Truth! 'Without illusion, no enlightenment' ;-). I can have endless illusions as I can have endless realities!  
So you can do, have, be whatever you want!  
But I know from my own experience how difficult it is to stay present, to not get fooled by the mind. So my ego took my experience of enlightenment and has been 'eating up' for the last 15 years (I wrote this in 2015) all the teachings that are available right now in whatever form on the internet to 'stay enlightened, to stay awake'.  
What a joke! ;-) 
I've called in for the live web cast of "Never Not Here" with Leonard Jacobson as guest (see link below).  
Interesting realizations happened, when he said to "me": "The one who is reporting this (I told him about the True Mirror) is still the ego, the mind talking to other minds. It is more helpful that you become more present..."  
First, my ego was very angry with Leonard. "What, I cannot tell people about the True Mirror anymore?", then my True Self looked at these thoughts and anger feelings created by my ego/mind and I relaxed and I am in peace since then. I remembered that I am love and love is allowing, accepting and not judging anything nor anyone. The ego is allowed to be here, thoughts, feelings are allowed here, everything is allowed to be here but I am not identified with any of it.  
I am also aware that there is a contradiction.  
Why even having this website? Uploading videos on YouTube? Writing my book? Or still showing the True Mirror to people?  
I think it is because of Love! Out of pure joy to end the unnecessary suffering that is caused by believing in a separate self – believing in the story of 'me'.  
I think I/we have experienced for too long what I am/we are not!  
Now, I would like to experience who and what I really Am!  
Love, Beauty, Joy, Abundance, Peace, Isness, Oneness, Wisdom! 
Now, if you still like some recommendations of 'illusion material' just for fun, here they are: 
The teachings of Ayako Sekino from Japan and her vision for a New Earth! 
Here is the full version (1 hr 25 min):  
Leonard Jacobson: Embracing the Present – Living an Awakened Life, Bridging Heaven and Earth, Journey Into Now 
For anyway who would like to watch the show "Never Not Here" I called in to talk to Leonhard Jacobson: 
Eckhart Tolle books: The Power Of Now, Stillness Speaks, A New Earth – Awakening to your Life's Purpose  
As you all know, I am referring to Eckhart Tolle teachings since 2001 here on this website. His teachings about the "illusory self/ego" and he even quotes Albert Einstein in "A New Earth" is.."an optical illusion of consciousness" is for me as your know the mirror image! And "Beyond Ego: Your True Identity" which this website is all about... 
Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God Book No. 1 
Gangaji: The diamond in your pocket – discovering your true radiance, You Are That, Just Like You and her new book Hidden Treasure. 
And I just discovered this Satsang video with Gangaji: "The face in the mirror" 
Yes, the reversed face in the mirror doesn't exist. The beauty of the True Mirror is to step outside of oneself and look at the form/face without judgments. After a while the identification with an image of oneself disappears and one can see the beautiful formless being/consciousness expressed in form... 
Gangaji's husband: Eli Jaxon-Bear: Wake Up and Roar – Papaji 
I am also very excited about Eli's video clip on YouTube: 
Eli talks exactly about what I am trying to tell people since my awakening what happens when we look in the mirror, most people identify with that reflection as 'self'! And he talks about "getting away from the mirror", to see who you really are!  
When we look into the True Mirror though, we step outside ourselves and look 'at' ourselves and are able to look into our eyes! like we do with other people. I think, there is no false identification there like with the normal mirror. People do not get hypnotized in believing in a separate self. 
As Eli says, "now that the Earth is dying from us, our species has the capacity to wake up to the next level or not... each person individually one by one has to be willing.." 
Papaji: The Truth Is 
Barbara Marx Hubbard: emergence – The Shift from Ego to Essence 10 steps to the universal human 
Peter O. Erbe: GOD I AM – From Tragic to Magic  
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment: 
David Icke books: Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion 
Joseph S. Benner, written anonymous 1916: 
The Impersonal Life 
Samarpan: Glücklich Sein In Jedem Moment (To Be Happy In Every Moment) Satsangs in English: 
Mooji: Before I am 
Satsang with Mooji: 
Mooji: ('True')Mirror of the Absolute  
Ramesh S. Balsekar  
The One In The Mirror  
(I think his book should be titled "The One In The True Mirror) One in the Mirror Ramesh Balsecar/ 
Let us enjoy this moment here now on Earth as it is :-) 
In Love  


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