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John Walter from the True Mirror Company just posted a beautiful new YouTube video "True Mirror Story". I love it! I hope you do, too!  
And for more 'stories' about the True Mirror please visit John Walter's from the True Mirror Company new updated True Mirror website and his 10 Chapters "THE STORY OF TRUE MIRRORS" "A Radical New Way To View Oneself" 
If you like to order your own True Mirror with a discount, please see my section "True Mirror®" for ordering information! 
Just try this little experiment for 1 day: Cover up your mirrors and use them only if you really have to, and see what happens, if you don't give this false reflection, or any reflection any time and energy/attention! And notice how often you (your ego) has to look... 
Just uploaded a new True Mirror YouTube video although I've recorded it back in 2014 in my jungle house Casa del Cielo it is still much up-to-date!  
"The True Mirror explained Part 1 b and the Teachings of Eckhart Tolle" 
and more new YouTube videos...  
"What is the non-reversed True Mirror?" 
"The True Mirror for Job Interviews and Auditions" 
"The True Mirror versus Selfies" 
Mooji Satsang:  
"Personal News update" 
I am inviting you to read my sections "THOUGHTS" and "RECOMMENDATIONS". 
I just got back to Florida with my cat Josefina to my husband Charlie from being 6 months in Yelapa.  
I loved the peace and quiet in my off-grid jungle palapa house Casa del Cielo (House of the Heaven) which I have now for 22 years! 
Our beautiful ocean front Casa de Armonia (House of Harmony) is available for rent again next year for April and May 2024.  
Base price is only US$65 per night! US$420 per week!  
Reserve your space ASAP! 
Check out our availability calendar on our website: 
Timeless Love  
Angelika Yelapaangel 
November 2023 


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